SMB Tip: Never Lose a Document or Other File –

Last week, I interviewed several people representing small businesses that use Microsoft 365. I should do this more often: It was instructive speaking with people who have real-world experience, not just Microsoft 365 in general, but also with the seismic changes that rocked our world this year requiring a sudden move to remote work.

These discussions confirmed some of my opinions about Microsoft 365, in particular my notion that Microsoft Teams has emerged as the single most useful tool during the pandemic, and that its usage will persist going forward, even if everything magically returns to a “normal” or near-normal state someday. But I was most fascinated by some of the new tidbits I learned. And I’d like to share one that I heard about multiple times.

Use OneDrive’s Known Folders feature.

Source: SMB Tip: Never Lose a Document or Other File –